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Welcome to DeBear Necessities!
We’re here for all of your floral design needs of any size with delivery to Moorestown, Mt. Laurel and surrounding areas.

Weddings, Prom, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Holidays, Sympathy – you name it, we do it.

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It was spring of 2019 when I got the call, driving in my car. My sister-in-law needed a prom bouquet for my niece. I had done it the previous year and of course I was delighted to do it again. And then I thought, "Huh–maybe other people want prom flowers from me." They totally did! Before I knew it, I had multiple orders for bouquets and boutonnieres and was terrified that I wouldn't have been able to do them all. Fear set in and panic quickly followed but I plugged in and got ‘em DONE. Beautifully, I might add. I’ve never looked back.

I’d been designing florals for years. Weddings, baby showers, prom, centerpieces, you name it. Mostly for friends and family but I absolutely loved it. Designing kind of organically became my thang. I was quickly obsessed.

A month after prom, I couldn’t stop thinking about the rush I felt making those bouquets and boutonnieres and told my husband I was starting my own company.

“Go for it,” he said.

“But what should I name it?”

An angelic voice (my kid, not an actual angel – although he’s pretty d@mn close) then shouted from an adjoining room, “How about DeBear Necessities?”

“Yes. Yessssss. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” And voila! DeBear Necessities was born.

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